• Roarke McNaught

    Roarke McNaught

    Market Risk Manager at NRG Energy

  • EncrypGen.com


    EncrypGen will revolutionize the sharing of genetic data between scientists, labs, and citizens by utilizing blockchain technology.

  • Amrullah Zunzunia

    Amrullah Zunzunia

    Software Development Engineer II at Pharmeasy.in, Passionate about Object Oriented Design and Software Performance Optimization

  • Mojy Yavari

    Mojy Yavari

  • Jcagpir


  • David Andrew Wiebe

    David Andrew Wiebe

    Founder of Music Entrepreneur HQ. Download your free guide: https://www.musicentrepreneurhq.com/join

  • Harsh Maheshwari

    Harsh Maheshwari

    Demystifying Technology | We are an Applied Scientist at Amazon and a Core Engineer at Goldman Sachs. | LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/harsh-99/

  • Blaize D'souza

    Blaize D'souza

    technologist | api's | mobile | cloud | bigdata | m2m | internet of things

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